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November, 20, 2023

This Christmas, create your personalised beauty routine with the best advice at the Beauty Gallery by Isolée. Dazzle your celebrations with the new Westman Atelier mascara and make up by Chanel and Guerlain, and dive into the world of exclusive perfumes by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

The Christmas season has arrived at Galería Canalejas, and with it, the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of luxury, distinction and beauty. In this exclusive enclave, we highlight the Beauty Gallery by Isolée as the best choice for the perfect beauty for the holidays. More than a beauty space, a true sanctuary where you can create your personalised beauty routine to dazzle this Christmas.

From captivating mascara by Westman Atelier to make-up by Chanel and Guerlain, each product becomes an opportunity to enhance your unique style for the festive season.

In addition, you can discover the exquisite Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfumes and limited edition scented candles, ideal for adding a touch of exclusivity to your gifts.

At Galería Canalejas, you will find perfect gifts that go beyond the conventional, turning this Christmas into a different experience for your loved ones and creating unforgettable memories.

Beauty Gallery by Isolée: highlight your beauty this Christmas

To enhance your beauty this festive season, the best choice is undoubtedly Westman Atelier's mascara, which not only intensifies your look, but also cares for and nourishes your lashes. The experts at Beauty Gallery by Isolée will be happy to help you maximise the beauty of your eyes.

What's more, this season, vibrant colours are on trend. Don't be afraid to take a risk and add a touch of originality to your Christmas make-up.


Maison Francis Kurkdjian: perfumes that evoke emotions and memories

In the search for the ideal gift, there is nothing more evocative than Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfumes. At Galeria Canalejas, you can discover exclusive limited edition fragrances that will turn your gifts into gifts with soul.

Limited edition scented candles are also a good choice for those looking for memorable gifts. Not only will they fill your home with captivating aromas, but they are also a very elegant option for your loved ones.

Beauty Gallery by ISOLÉE

Create your beauty routine with the experts at Beauty Gallery by Isolée

From personalised facial treatments to advice on the most effective products to care for your skin. An opportunity to learn, discover, pamper yourself and highlight your own expression of style and elegance.

The world's most prestigious brands and the latest beauty trends come together in this exclusive space to give you a unique experience.


This Christmas, Galería Canalejas invites you to celebrate the festive season by highlighting your beauty in the most authentic way, so that you look perfect in any celebration. Visit us at Plaza de Canalejas, 1. Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 10:30 to 20:30 and Sundays and holidays from 12:00 to 20:00.