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Discover the beauty secrets for this autumn at Galeria Canalejas

September 14, 2023

This autumn your skin becomes the protagonist of your looks. A nourished, luminous and radiant skin that will serve as a canvas for full-colour shadows and lip liners, which this year are coming on strong to highlight your face. At Galería Canalejas we discover the products that will be all the rage this year.

The beauty world is constantly reinventing itself to meet the needs and demands of customers.

The skin is the real protagonist, which is why the goal of any beauty look this season is to look juicy, healthy and glowing, with light but high-coverage products that add radiance. Combined with a touch of blusher for a good-face effect, full-colour eyelids, nude lips and eyeliner.

That's why brands are in search of the perfect balance between eco-friendly formulas and perfect technology. Discover in the Beauty Gallery by Isolée in Galería Canalejas the latest products, the most effective treatments and an endless number of international brands that are benchmarks in the sector.

Oud for Greatness Perfume: the power of the most exquisite Oud

Initio Parfums delights us this season with this exquisite fragrance destined to become one of the most iconic perfumes of the decade. An enveloping oriental scent with woody touches that proposes a mystical experience towards happiness through a journey of authentic experimentation that is both easy and complex at the same time.

The top notes are lavender, nutmeg and saffron; the heart notes, natural Agarwood oil and natural Oud wood; and the base notes musk and patchouli. This seductive elixir is presented in an elegant black bottle with golden symbols of sacred geometry inspired by the shapes of nature, the universe and cellular structures.

Beauty Gallery Initio Perfume by ISOLÉE | AQUAZZURA Handbag

Super Loaded Tinted Highlight: the warmest glow for your cheeks

Another of this season's big revelations is Westman Atelier's Super Loaded Tinted Highlight cream, available in three different shades that blend perfectly with the skin and enhance its natural glow: Peau Peche, Peau Rose and Peau Soleil.

Westman Atelier Make-up compact from Beauty Gallery by ISOLÉE

A multi-purpose illuminator for eyes and cheeks that provides a luminous warmth, giving a flawless, radiant finish and a beautiful touch of colour to the skin, leaving it full of light and life. Not for nothing does Gucci Westman call it "the master tool".

Made with natural and nourishing ingredients for the skin, free of parabens, silicones, talc, PEG, phthalates and ingredients of animal origin, being totally Cruelty Free.

CARTIER Earrings, Clash Collection

Don't miss the must-have beauty of the season and get a perfect and radiant look that will make you feel beautiful in any occasion! Visit the Beauty Gallery by Isolée at Galería Canalejas which, this autumn, as well as being full of novelties, is expanding its space to offer you the latest trends from the most exclusive brands in the world of beauty.

We are open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 to 20:30 and Sundays and holidays from 12:00 to 20:00 in Plaza de Canalejas, 1.