Galería Canalejas


November 24, 2021

Galería Canalejas aims to surprise people this Christmas with some impressive festive illuminations, which include one of the most iconic symbols of the Cartier brand. The decorations include a large illuminated panther watching over visitors as they enter the recently opened boutique.

This is how Galería Canalejas is celebrating its first Christmas season alongside the French Maison andtaking part in the traditional light show that adorns the centre of Madrid for this time of year.

The spectacular design decorates the iconic Plaza de Canalejas, while those who venture inside will also see an impressive chandelier with 364 hand-blown glass baubles in the entrance lobby. This delicate piece of art was created for Galería Canalejas by Sorribes in Valencia, one of the few traditional workshops that still use this technique in Spain.

On your visit to the Galería Canalejas Food Hall this festive season you will also find a huge Christmas tree in the entrance decorated with the Cartier colours. Nearby, next to a capital forming part of the architectural history of this complex that has been converted into a display cabinet, the characteristic Christmas presents from the Maisonwelcome visitors into this new gastronomy hotspot in Madrid.

A wonderful celebration in anticipation of the full opening of Galería Canalejas in 2022, with its more than 40 fashion, fine jewellery, perfumery and accessory brands.

Come and enjoy Galería Canalejas in the warm glow of luxury and gastronomy in the heart of Madrid.