October 1, 2021

Rouge Hermès is a first chapter in the new métier from the French maison. This collection embodies the founding message from the new Beauty métier; the first move by this line. It is a surprising new standard, fundamentally feminine, essential and nomadic.

Rouge Hermès is the art of living and smiling.

The Rouge Hermès lipsticks are Hermès products in their own right that express all the principles of the maison in small make-up items. They share the same functional look as all the other Hermès products. A series of lip beauty items that comprises a collection of iconic lipsticks and seasonal collections with poetic, functional and refillable containers, a treatment balm, a universal lip liner, a Poppy pearl lipstick and a lip pencil.

This being a Hermès product, Rouge Hermès enshrines the values and spirit of the maison. Its background lies in a story tied to functionality and the ability of Hermès customers to reinvent themselves through play, creativity and the choreographic composure of expressions.

Items, materials and colours in a world where every moment is made eternal by a unique attitude and ritual expressionism. Matt or gloss finishes that enhance the ordinary for a très Hermès story in which red becomes a personality trait and a true statement of intent.

Discover the new Hermès métier at its new iconic store at Galería Canalejas.