April, 19, 2022

The recognition and track record of St. James attracts many people to the Galería Canalejas Food Hall, while its varied menu and meticulous decoration encourage visitors to stay for a pleasant gastronomy experience at the best rice dish restaurant in the centre of Madrid.

Make sure you take in all the restaurant’s ornamental details when visiting St. James. The Italian design studio, Costa Group, has done an amazing job in direct partnership with management at the restaurant, which established the requirements and the overall ideas to be achieved by the project.

The result has produced outstanding harmony between the materials used and three clearly distinguishable areas.

First of all, a bar that is focused on its premium cocktail offer; an open, fun and casual space. This is where you can enjoy one of the exquisite signature cocktails, such as Tres otoños, Historias de Bajamar orVerdor de Primavera; all made with great care to evoke the sensitivity, attention to detail and originality suggested by their names.

The second area is the restaurant itself, with large rooms and the fish and shellfish display. This is the perfect place to enjoy their rice dishes, from the most traditional to the most special, as well as their fideuà and fresh shellfish that magically transport diners to coastal locations.

Finally, the lounge area offers a show kitchen where diners can see the rice dishes being prepared plus a restricted-access lounge in which to experience Calle Alcalá through the illustrations that adorn its walls and to marvel at some architectural details of the Centro Canalejas Madrid building itself.

The menu and meticulous decoration at this rice dish restaurant make it a genuine gastronomical and visual spectacle. Discover the extensive menu offer at St. James from Monday to Sunday at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall, Calle Alcalá, 12.