1. Monchis 2. Le Petit Dim Sum


April, 21, 2022

If you like discovering new cultures and treating your taste buds to different flavours, come enjoy the Asian and fusion gastronomy options at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall.

Have you ever tried Japanese-influenced tacos? Now you have the chance to do just that at Monchis, the restaurant by the award-winning chef Julián Mármol, where a commitment has been made to innovation through traditional Mexican formats with clear inspiration from Japan.

The Venezuelan Fermín Azkue is another of the chefs at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall highlighting the value of all things different with Salvaje. Discover his ideas in a space where Japanese culinary tradition is combined with flavours and techniques from every corner of the world. This restaurant is also a visual experience, with an eye-catching décor that reflects the very name of the business.

If you would prefer something a little more traditional, then look no further than Le Petit Dim Sum. In this space, its creators have opted for an innovative take on the classic dim sums, with a wide range of shapes, flavours and cooking techniques alongside other typical dishes.

For some authentic Asian streetfood like you would find at the markets throughout the region, head over to Penang; the corner of MAD Gourmets offering fried food, dim sums, brochettes, noodles, rice and, of course, the authentic Pekin duck.

1. Le Petit Dim Sum

Embark on a journey around Asia and discover its varied culture through its gastronomy. Each one of these places at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall will reveal a different perspective on a cuisine that is as exotic as it is exquisite.

Open every day at Calle Alcalá, 12.


1. Salvaje 2. Monchis 3. Le Petit Dim Sum 4. MAD gourmets, Penang.