Galería Canalejas


1. 19.86 by Rubén Arnanz 2. Le Petit Dim Sum


October, 25, 2022

Halloween is one of the most terrifyingly fun nights of the year and has been part of our lives for some time now. No longer is it just something we see in American movies. This very special night takes place in Spain as part of the All Saints’ Day long weekend; the perfect time to go out and celebrate at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall.

As our streets, businesses and homes fill with orange decorations, pumpkins and frightening figures, the food outlets at the Galería Canalejas gastro spot have decided to follow suit. For example, the masters of Cantonese cuisine at Le Petit Dim Sum are highlighting their Le Petit Tiger cocktail for this festival, a drink made from Chinese Suan Mei fruit, rum and brown sugar.

Are you still looking for ideas to celebrate the most terrifying time of the year? MAD Gourmets has a fun answer for you in the centre of Madrid with a theme based on Beetlejuice.

From 27 October, this space will be offering special decorations, costumes, music performances and even a DJ to mix a unique Halloween party on 29 October. But wait, there’s more: the staff will be dressed up in character to serve dishes from the other side with a ghoulish cocktail at BugaBar. Children will also be able to get involved with a workshop just for them on 30 October.


Rubén Arnanz, the award-winning chef who specialises in Castilian and Mediterranean cuisine, will be innovating at 19.86 by Rubén Arnanz with his own version of the classic pumpkin: the “Calabaza Mágica 19.86”, in which a fake pumpkin will envelop guests’ palates with the taste of foie.

Trick or treat? Halloween itself is a celebration full of sweets, which explains why Amorino is focusing on chocolate and other special delights for this time of year. El Goloso and SanO at MAD Gourmets will be offering the famous buñuelos de viento [nun’s puffs] and huesos de santo [tubes of marzipan filled with an egg yolk cream].

Enjoy a terrifically delicious Halloween night and All Saints’ Day at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall! Open every day at Calle Alcalá 12.