Galería Canalejas


June, 2, 2022

The Guest, one of the characters created by Jaime Hayon 10 years ago and now one of the most iconic from the Spanish porcelain company Lladró, will be decorating the Exhibition Wall on the first floor of Galería Canalejas for approximately one month.

Ricardo Cavolo, Gary Baseman, Supakitch and Henn Kim are the artists chosen to collaborate on this project with the piece that has become quite the icon of the 21st century. This is not the first time that the irreverent porcelain sculpture has been subjected to the creativity of leading, demonstrating that tradition and experimentation are two entirely compatible concepts.

The Guest By Ricardo Cavolo: Legends and Fantasy

For his version of The Guest, the Spanish artists has taken inspiration from legends, fantastical creatures and tattooed beings to embody his wife and son through his recognisable and colourful style. She has been transformed into a beautiful Armenian queen who conveys strength, light and power, while the little one stands in his fantastical universe of mountains, flowers, volcanoes and stars.

The Guest by Gary Baseman: Adorably Bittersweet
The multi-talented artist, Gary Baseman, adds a darker touch to the porcelain figurines by Jaime Hayon with gentle pinks and violets that contrast against browns and blacks to add intention to the piece. The artists describes the piece as “the beauty of the bittersweet in life”, all of which he explores in his work.

The Guest by Supakitch: To the Sound of Waves / Water and Sun
In turn, Guillaume Grando (known as Supakitch), has created figurines that look like they have just walked out of the sea. The artist successfully expresses his intention through a voluminous surface that represents wave motion and the use of colour shades to imitate how sunlight plays with colour on the water.

The Guest by Henn Kim: Visual Poetry
The highly prestigious South Korean illustrator, Henn Kim, decorates The Guest with the intention of talking about the world in which we live and our role in it. She sees the galaxies and stars as symbolising immensity, while the plaster on the heart suggests to us that life always springs forth even where there is suffering.

Visit Galería Canalejas and enjoy The Guest exhibition by Lladró in a space that combines fashion, luxury, gastronomy, history and culture within a unique venue at the heart of Madrid.

Galería Canalejas, open every day of the week at Plaza de Canalejas, 1.