December 21, 2021

Daniel Sorlut Oysters and chef Quique Cerro have designed something very special, exclusively for the Galería Canalejas Food Hall and based on the four elements of nature.

Four recipes that pair oysters farmed by the French company with carefully prepared sauces:

Rose Sabayon and Pierrel Champagne embody air, the symbol of thought, intellect and freedom. A delicious foam with a red rose fragrance and the subtlety of champagne that transports the guest to fields full of flowers and aromas.

Aggressiveness, constructiveness and destructiveness combine for the recipe inspired by fire, with Sriracha Hot Chilli and coconut. The intense and complex essences and flavours, citric notes and somewhat spicy taste of this sauce stimulate the senses when pairing it with a Sorlut oyster.

Water, the element that symbolises feelings, emotions and sociability, is given form with a tiger’s milk and yellow chilli ceviche. A sauce that reflects the sea through intense flavours and a touch of citrus to enhance the flavour of the oyster.

Finally, earth is embodied by a salsify flower and white truffle vichyssoise. The earthy aroma and delicate yet complex flavour envelopes this union of the sea with the earth, characterised by humidity and subtlety.

Fertility, stability, structure, support, food, security and possession are all represented by this element for the French company.


Enjoy this new commitment by the hundred-year-old French maison to innovation, creativity and service design at the Galería Canalejas Food Hall.

Try the tastes of nature at 12 Calle Alcalá. Sunday to Wednesday from 12:00 to 00:00 and Thursday to Saturday from 12:00 to 02:00.