1. St. James 2. El Goloso


April, 13, 2022

Are you traveling to Madrid during Easter or do you prefer to travel through the palate without leaving the capital? The Galería Canalejas Food Hall becomes the best plan for these days.

If you like hamburgers and sandwiches but you want to go a step further, Julián Marmol, the Michelin-starred chef,  proposes options at The Eight such as the Black Cod Burger, with its miso-marinated meat, leek sauce and kizami wasabi. If, on the contrary, these days you feel like tasting a fish, you will find at Monchis proposals as appealing as the cod Kokotxas at Julián Mármol’s other restaurant. Discover the menu!

Spanish gastronomy makes its way to St. James with a special menu for these Easter, beginning with a variety of starters: Roast lobster ravioli with bouillabaisse cream-soup, Artichokes with salted shrimp and Jerusalem artichoke, and Truffled tuna tartare with cauliflower vichisoisse. The ideal proposals to whet your appetite and enjoy their delicious main dishes.

The french restaurant, Ostras Sorlut, came to enjoy an Easter plan with  a special  recipe Sorlut Oyster with Biscayan purrusalda and its crunch. Le Petit Dim Sum brings Cantonese haute cuisine to the Food Hall of Galería Canalejas with a proposal marked by tradition with King Viera's Xiao Long Bao and its mojama, and its spider crab and shrimp tapioca transparent dough.

If you are looking for a more exotic flavor and experience, Salvaje is your option: where Japanese cuisine mixes with flavors and techniques from all corners of the world.

Do you prefer to taste an Italian dish? Stop by Davvero and enjoy its different type of Ravioli with its  Ravioli di Mazzancolle and their Ravioli stuffed with prawns and mascarpone cream with burrata pugliese mousse and squid ink bisque.

1. The Eight

Attention, chocolate lovers! this plan is for you: the Segovian chef, from 19.86 by Rubén Arnanz, invites you to live, during the seven days of Easter, a unique experience through 10 courses, called Oda al Cacao, an authentic festival of cocoa from different origins.

If you are a sweet lover, be on cloud nine with Amorino. The renowned ice cream parlor has a very special proposal for these Easter days and invites its guests to enjoy a hot air balloon ride to cover the search for its traditional Easter eggs. With this fable as the theme, the cones and cups, decorated with an ice cream macaroon, will be accompanied by a fun balloon-shaped chocolate bar.

Also, playing with shapes and figures, El Goloso proposes its striking monas de Pascua, stuffed with crunchy almond and salted butter praline, caramel toffee, biscuits and chocolate and orange sprinkles.  An authentic display of know-how!

1. 19.86 by Rubén Arnanz

In addition to the seasonal culinary proposals of the restaurants, the diner can also enjoy the modernized vision of Galician gastronomy in Garelos and the use of Iberian treasures in DBellota. The MAD Gourmets diner will be able to enjoy the best torrija in Madrid made by Jhon Barrita and will also be able to taste Sano's torrijas and its special Easter eggs.

Do you already know which restaurant in the Galería Canalejas Food Hall  are you going to include in your Easter plans? Do not miss the opportunity to taste these culinary proposals created for the occasion that will flood your palate with different flavors.

Every day at C/ Alcalá, 12, Madrid.


1. Monchis 2.Amorino 3. MAD Gourmets, Sano 4. Ostras Sorlut 5. MAD Gourmets, John Barrita 6. El Goloso 7. Davvero 8. Le Petit Dim Sum 9. MAD Gourmets, Sano.